Tammy McDonald Training sponsers a number of clinics periodically throughout the year. Each clinic zeros in on some specialty or activity of the horse industry. Each clinic is put on by someone who specializes in that activity and who has a proven level of expertise. These clinics are a great way to get some intense experience in a particular field of horsmanship.

Hunter/Jumper Clinics

Date: Next clinic TBA This is a 3 day clinic, Thursday through Saturday.
Times: Thur. & Fri. 3:30pm, Sat. 8:00am Each session will be at least 2 hours in length.
The cost is $175 for the 3 days. You can use your horse or one of ours. If you use one of ours it will be an additional $50 for the 3 days.
If you would like Michelle to school your horse over jumps, either before or after the regular clinic hours, let us know. This will incur an additional small fee.

This is a beginner Hunter/Jumper clinic put on by Michelle Mahoney. Michelle is the owner/head trainer at White Rock Ranch . She has many years of experience in training and competing in hunter/jumper disciplines at all levels.

Jumping Clinic
Jumping Clinic Jumping Clinic

Video of January's Clinic

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Roping Clinics

Date: TBA from 4 to 6pm, 5 person limit, cost is $75.00.

John Red Eagle Valenzuela a well know team roper from Hollister will be putting on a 2 hour roping clinic. In this clinic you will learn the basics of rope handling, the different throws and get to practice on our mechanical steer.

John Red Eagle Valenzuela roping
John Red Eagle Valenzuela roping John Red Eagle Valenzuela roping

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