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Tammy McDonald Training always has a fine selection of horses in all breeds for sale. Whether you are looking for a young prospect, a finished show horse, or a family trail horse check out our sales lists. If we don't have anything that meets your requirements, let Tammy help you locate that perfect horse for you.

Tammy breeds her own mares and stallions and usually has a few young prospects for sale as yearlings and two year olds. Check with Tammy to find out what is available.

We currently have 5 great horses of various types, ages and genders for sale. To view these sale horses simply select one of the sale pages from the menu.


Do you have a horse or horses for sale? Let Tammy help you successfully market your stock. We can:

  • Arrange for viewings
  • Arrange ads in print media and the Internet
  • Do photos and videos

Tammy will normally charge a 10% commission on the sale.

Sample Video

The video isn't displaying? Older browsers and Microsoft's IE may not display the video tag. You can download the video and run it on your PC.

Download Video: closed format mp4 or open format ogg

Sample Photos

Here are some photos we've taken of sale horses.
These horses are of varying ages and all shots were taken at our ranch.

Kalypso, a half-arabian gelding Anje a Friesian filly Head shot of magic Head shot of insync

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