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Versaces Vision (Vision)
Arabian Horse Association
Breed Gender Date of Birth Height Weight Price
Arabian stallion 04/21/2007 15.3 hands 850 lbs $15,000

Vision is a three year old bay son of Versace. He has been shown in halter classes in 2009 and 2010. His halter record is as follows: 2010 NorCal Futurity Champion Colt, 2009 DAHA Jr Champion Colt, Region 3 top 5 2 yr old colt, and 2009 AHANC 1st place 2yr old colt and Jr Champion Colt ATH. He has been started under saddle and will make an amazing show horse going either western or english. He is certified CA and SCID clear. He is a Sweepstakes Nominated Sire and nominated to the Scottsdale Signature Futurity.

Versaces Vision Versace Fame VF+ Bey Shah+
Precious As Gold *El Shaklan
Autumn in Gold
Fadjurz Finesse Fadjurs Prize Fadjur
Tarima *Armado

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